My work explores the fragility of the mind, body and spirit through the use of a variety of materials. Paper and pure pigments are the sources for an organized world of poetry and sound. My work investigates the drama of light, color and sound through time, including both the eastern and the western cultures, where I explore its impact symbolically, psychologically and spiritually on the soul.

I express myself by leaving visible marks, at times, made specifically with my hands, at other times more mechanical through the use of various tools. With each gesture, emerges an important need of being human, the inquiry into identity and the need to leave a trace. Through this, space and form informs my soul and populates the space of my conscience. Along this path, I discover the unknown of my self, and slowly I try to loose the presence of the reality and walk far, so far, into an infinite dream.

I am interested in the expression of emotion through the natural elements, special meanings and purity of color. The interaction of these elements become the way to the interpretation and observation of the relationship between man and nature. This includes a slow and scientific process that leaves space for emotions, the emotions establish a light presence of poetry, and the poetry recalls echo of complexity and evokes pure images of a distant world. Nature is expressed through these colors, maintaining a harmony or an antagonism, and is organizing its system through a process of duality. 

My work is both the generator and the recipient of a silent energy that populates the space, in an organized system of tones and reverberation of sounds. All the little movements of the marks become situations desired or an expectation to create a drama; the drama of the color, the drama of light and the drama of the sound.

Kathryn Cameron is an American artist working and living in New York